The Monarchy of the Father

On this page, you can find several resources to learn more about the Trinity, and the doctrine of the Monarchy of the Father.

(2018) Video Series on the Monarchy of the Father

The Neglected Monarchy of the Father, and Its Implications for the Analytic Debate About the Trinity

Most patristic authors affirm the “Monarchy of the Father,” yet the doctrine is seldom addressed in analytic discussions of the Trinity.

The claim that the Father is the “mono-arche” of the Trinity, can be disambiguated in several ways, including the claim that the Father just is (numerically identical to) “the One God.” I show how even this strong view is compatible with a surprisingly wide range of analytic models of the Trinity, despite their being intended to be egalitarian.

Below is the entire, unedited presentation on the Monarchy of the Father with accompanying Power Point slides in mp4 video format (around 5 or 6 hours, total.)

Video 1 — Introduction and Definitions

Video 2 — Modern Orthodox Authors on the Monarchy

Video 3 — Patristic Sources on the Monarchy

Video 4 — Placing Monarchical Trinitarianism Within the Analytic Framework

Video 5 — A Postscript With a Final “Trilemma” for Unitarians


(Below is a highly condensed, 1-hour public lecture covering the same topic.)




(2020) “The Unfinished Business of Unitarian Theorizing. 4-Part Podcast with Skylar McManus.”

Part 1 of 4
Part 2 of 4
Part 3 of 4
Part 4 of 4




(2020 — … ) Videos on the Trinity with Orthodox Shahada (Check out Orthodox Shahada’s YouTube page here.)

Trinitarianism In Context Part 1 | Interview with Dr. Beau Branson. July 5, 2020


Trinitarianism In Context Part 2 | Q&A and Objections. July 7, 2020



Trinitarianism In Context Part 3 | Unity of Will and Energy. July 17, 2020



The Arian Theological Error


Mohammed Hijab and the Trinity | Dr. Joshua Sijuwade & Dr. Beau Branson | Debate Review. August 27, 2020


The Trinity and Greek Patristics – An Impromptu Lecture. September 6, 2020



Other Video Appearances

Interview on “Transfigured.” December 13, 2019


Interview on “Transfigured.” March 6, 2020


Interview on “Transfigured” with Skylar McManus. July 29, 2020


Appearance on Roundtable Debate Review: Dr. Shabir Ally / Jay Dyer Debate. June 11, 2020


Interview with “Bob the Builder / SOCO Films.” September 7, 2020



Coming Soon — Podcast interview on London Lyceum with Skylar McManus


Coming Soon — An Interview with Sam Waldron on the Trinity and the Monarchy of the Father