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Note 1: Please be aware that I am not clergy, and I cannot speak in any official way for the Orthodox Church as a whole. That is what bishops are for. If you have general theological (not philosophical) questions, it would make more sense for you to find a local parish and ask your pastor. My education is primarily in Philosophy. My research just happens to deal with certain philosophical aspects of patristic theology. If you have questions about a topic that I have worked on, I can try to answer as best as I can about what I think certain patristic figures have written on the topic. If you are interested in learning more about Orthodox Christianity, the page linked here has some good advice, and can connect you to Orthodox clergy to help answer your questions.

Note 2: Please also be aware that I am not currently interested in debates on topics not directly related to my academic work, or with anyone who does not have a PhD or significant post-graduate work in a field relevant to my work or to the proposed debate topic. Thanks for your understanding.